Harold Rossiter Reserve offers an early evening reward: a close up encounter with red-tailed black cockatoos. As the sun starts to set, these iconic birds fly in over the back of Kent Street High and start to settle in the large, beautiful trees surrounding the middle oval, the club rooms and trees lining the Etwell driveway and the pedestrian pathway along the bottom oval. They ruffle about from tree to tree before settling down as the sun sinks.

They seem to settle in groups of three or six and use the same spot in particular trees each night although, that’s difficult to judge accurately as they’re not banded and settled as darkness increases. There are about 120 birds that roost in the Reserve and also use the Kensington Bushland as a food source.


If you have time, take a few friends with you and watch these lovely birds fly in against the sunset sky and call loudly as they settle for the night. It’s a rare treat and very previous. As the population in the Town increases, safe spaces for our cockies are essential. Go and say hello!

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